We dont need weapons

0a3a2819-eb12-4393-a02b-15d3cb55097c.jpgLet’s build more hospitals.why create more worship places?

People need healing.People lack money to bear the expenses.Not all are able.

Government needs to look after the sick.

More over, why we need more missiles,weapons to strengthen our nation?

It is just a waste of money.Its our tax payers’ hard earned money.

Why we need more sophisticated latest weapons when the majority of people are unable to buy their medicines.

Priority should be caring for the sick people.Caring for the poor children.

There is a huge demand everywhere to provide healing the sick ones.



  1. A really sound arguement you have there. A 50kg air-to-ground Hellfire rockets costs $115,000 each and at least 1,618 cruise missiles have been fired at Iraq alone. Imagine what would happen if every single human being refused to fight, if everyone just said No. 😀😀

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  2. Of course we need healing for the sick. That should happen in all communities. I think National Defense is on a wider level of care. The use of the American weapons shows our value for the health of our young men and women who have signed up to protect our nation from people like the Islamic Terrorists, Saddam Hussein., the little Fat rocket man in North Korea. Can you imagine the loss of human life if they did not fear our nations strength and technology in warfare. There is not a health care system that can heal a war torn Los Angeles or New York. I get your care, you just need a little wider scope of what life is about and apply more of your common sense to it.

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    1. So glad to hear your heart sir.I am in agree with you.
      You said the truth from another perspective.
      I was saying in other perspective.
      I believe excess is always wrong.
      Excessive mass weapon collection is a waste of tax payers money.


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