Use mobiles with care

Please ensure you or your kids don’t ever sleep with phones under your pillow or near your head ….in your place of sleep

 please try and keep all electronic gadgets especially your mobiles out of that area …switch off your home wifi at night …..speak using the speaker option of your phone or a hands free but really try not to talk holding your phone against your ear or head …..

radiation and inflammation is real …there is enough of research proving this and there’s also common sense and there’s also a fact that the trillion dollar and more cell phone industry would try hard to prove otherwise …prevention is better than cure …

we’ve seen migraines , sleep issues , concentration issues and brain fog disappear when people and kids made this change and inflammation ? Yeah you can reduce it in the brain , heart and groin area when you take the above precautions …..sometimes all we need it logic and common sense 

– Luke Coutinho


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