Did you speak everything?

I wish I could be more vocal regarding my frustrations,my anxiety,my dreams and many more.

But how can you speak when you are thinking of not hurting the other ones?

It’s easy to speak the good stuffs but not the harsh things.

Life is not fair always,yes!

It can give you lots of scars,lots of disappointments.

But,we need to live with them anyways.

For the sake of sanity we need to speak up but how can you do it safely?

It’s easy to share the good ones and be as good you are.

But you know you have not shared every bit of information you have.Its because of this the heart bleeds.

Anyways,one thing is writing down your other stories on the paper or blogs like this.

It gives a relief,a big one.

It’s a good thing to empty your bucket so you don’t carry extra weight.

It is in emptying we are rejuvenated and healed.

Its the path of becoming new everyday and giving space to new things of life.

Life has much to offer everyday.

Good things are on the way,so get ready to receive them.


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