Angry Gods?

A God who wants something.A God who wants to be appeased.

What then He lacks?Why He is not a happy God?

God lacks nothing.God is already happy.

Mass of people struggle hard to make God happy.

If such is God then He must be something else,not God.


Weapons of another kind

We need weapons of love.What I mean is kindness, forgiveness, compassion,justice etc.

We have ammassed weapons to kill the enemies.

We have atomic bombs in large numbers.we have sophisticated weapons in large numbers.Even new weapons of destruction are being made.

But do we care about weapons of love?Do we have surplus of them?

Let’s spread love.lets remember hate will not kill hatred.

Love will.Love will have to be manufactured in our schools,colleges and families.It has to be spread.Love is more sharper than hate.

Let’s spread the weapons of love.Lets teach our children to use them.Lets unlearn the art of the war.Lets begin and promote the business of manufacturing love.

It begins in our families and schools, colleges.

It is not an option.Its the means to our own survival and others.

We dont need weapons

0a3a2819-eb12-4393-a02b-15d3cb55097c.jpgLet’s build more hospitals.why create more worship places?

People need healing.People lack money to bear the expenses.Not all are able.

Government needs to look after the sick.

More over, why we need more missiles,weapons to strengthen our nation?

It is just a waste of money.Its our tax payers’ hard earned money.

Why we need more sophisticated latest weapons when the majority of people are unable to buy their medicines.

Priority should be caring for the sick people.Caring for the poor children.

There is a huge demand everywhere to provide healing the sick ones.