The grass and you

The grass on the other side looks greener,why don’t you stop looking at that side?

Look what is good with you.


The good night

At 4 pm

you realize

it’s still day time.

at 5 pm

you say

it’s fine

I will come

there is time.

at 6 pm

you think

why don’t we

go out and shop?

at 7 pm

you think

well, it’s getting


and its time

to go home.

at 8 pm

you eat

you help

kids do

their work.

at 9 pm

you say

will do it


it’s dark now.

at 10 pm

you are tired

and look,

it’s night

you find.

at 11 pm

you say

let’s sleep

and you are

very tired

this time.

you realize

the night has

eaten the day

the clock

the work


can no longer

be stretched


You say goodnight

even though

the night has

really eaten up

your sunlight.

The moon

by then

has pushed

the Sun so far

and the stars

say good night.


I wish

I wish I had

enough words

to say to you.

I wish

you asked me not

what I am

going through.

I wish

you saw it all

through my eyes.

I wish

you really saw

While I was

going through.

I wish

I didn’t need

to show

what I tell you.

I wish

You needed me

just as I

needed you.


What can we learn about life from changing seasons?

Winters come.Summers come.Rain comes.This is life.

Variety is a must.Life is in varieties.

Perhaps,we can learn something from this.

No season stays forever.

Pain comes.It goes.Joy comes.It goes.

Life is moving.It never stays forever.

Variety gives life meaning.Without them it would be boring.

In all these uncertainties,we become stronger.

We learn many things about life from different seasons.

Pain and joy,success and failure are all part of life.

Let’s learn to be patient and sober.

Let’s not give up.Seasons change.There is hope.There is chance for you.

One needs to face all.At the end,we become stronger than before.