The way out of your misfortunes


How this darkness will go?


Spread light instead of darkness.When we complain we are spreading darkness.

Let’s highlight the strength of others and spread love.

Let’s find the goodness. Let’s seek the beauty of others.

Let’s stop finding faults with others.

Only the Light will bring out the darkness.

The darkness can’t drive out darkness but only the Light.

Spread Love and spread the Light.

The main hurdle that stops all of us


Self talk is very much part of our life.We are always doing it.

We self talk all the time.Positive self talk enhances our life.

Deliberately talking positively helps us immensely.

The biggest factor in success is having a positive mind.

When you feed positive thoughts you get positive life changing results.Thus mind gets positive.

Think and speak what you want as if you already have it.

Numerous scientific research have proved that positive self talk is related to peak performance.

There is power in our mind.There is power in positive self talk.


“I’d Rather Go Blind” Lyrics

“I’d Rather Go Blind”
(with Joe Bonamassa)
(originally by Etta James)

Something told me that it was over, baby, yeah
When I saw you
When I saw you and that girl
And y’all was talking

Something deep down
Something deep down in my soul said
“Go on, go on and cry, girl”
When I saw you, when I saw you with that same person
And y’all was walking around

And I’d rather
I’d rather be a blind girl, baby, yeah, yeah
Than to see you walk away, walk away from me, baby
Don’t leave me, I don’t wanna see you go

‘Cause you see, I love you so much
And I don’t wanna watch you leave me
Don’t wanna watch you leave me, baby
And another thing is, one more thing is
I just don’t, I just don’t wanna be free
Scared to be by myself

I was just, I was just sitting here thinking
About your sweet kiss and your, your warm embrace
Hmm, your warm embrace
Hmm, yo, yo, warm, warm embrace………..